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Beginning on January 9th, 2022, CMS’ RDS Center will no longer support the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. Please refer to the RDS to Discontinue Support of Internet Explorer in Early 2022 Announcement for details.

Start a New Application

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Annual Plan Application

This section provides step-by-step instructions to start a new application. To access the RDS Secure Website, and navigate to the Application List page, review instructions to access the RDS Secure Website.

On the Plan Sponsor List with Application Summary page:

  1. Select Start a New Application in the Account Settings box.

    Plan Sponsor List with Application Summary - Start a New Application link is highlighted.

    Note: Start a New Application is also available on the Application List page. The process is the same regardless of which page is used to start the application.

On the Start a New Application page:

An * indicates a required field.

  1. *Select the Plan Sponsor ID.
  2. *Enter the Plan Name.
  3. *Select the Plan Start date.
  4. *Select the Plan End date.
  5. Select Continue to proceed or select Cancel to exit the process and return to either the Plan Sponsor List with Application Summary page or the Application List page, depending on which page was used to access the Start a New Application process.

     Select [Continue]

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