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This section provides step-by-step instructions to request your RDS Secure Website Login ID.

Note: If CMS' RDS Center has detected an issue with your email address, you may be asked to verify it in the process of requesting your Login ID.

On the RDS Program Website homepage (

  1. Select Login Here.

    RDS Homepage with Login Here button highlighted.

On the Login page:

  1. Select Forgot Login ID to proceed to the Validate Person Information page.

    Login page with Forgot Login ID link highlighted.

On the Validate Person Information page:

An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

  1. *Enter your Email Address.
  2. *Enter your Date of Birth.
  3. *Enter your Social Security Number.
  4. Select Continue to proceed to the Email Success page and receive an email containing your Login ID, or select Cancel to return to the RDS Program Website homepage.

    Validate Person Information page with form fields and Continue button highlighted.

On the Email Success pop-up:

  1. A Success message displays stating that an email containing your Login ID has been sent. If you do not receive this email within 15 minutes, check your SPAM filters. Select Exit to proceed to the RDS Program Website homepage.

    Email Success pop-up with Exit button highlighted.

Example of notification email:

Sample RDS Secure Website Login ID email with Login ID highlighted.

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