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This page contains links to the various agreements between RDS Secure Website users and CMS' RDS Center. The documents contained here are for reference and can only be completed on the RDS Secure Website.

  • All users are required to read and accept the Login Warning each time they log in to the RDS Secure Website

  • Agreement with payment information that displays for and must be signed by the Authorized Representative when submitting a Reconciliation payment request.

  • Agreement for payment authorization that displays for the Payment Requester when submitting an interim payment request.

  • The Electronic Protected Health Information (E-PHI) Agreement that displays in the RDS Secure Website. The E-PHI Agreement authorizes a user to view E-PHI associated with the Plan Sponsor's application and confirms agreement to comply with the Plan Sponsor's policies concerning E-PHI.

  • Agreement made between CMS' RDS Center and the qualified Authorized Representative for the Plan Sponsor. The Plan Sponsor Agreement defines the terms and conditions of the RDS Program.

  • Displays attestation information for and must be signed by the Actuary when attesting the Plan Sponsor's Benefit Options during the Application Submission Process.

  • Describes the terms and conditions on which CMS offers users access to the RDS Secure Website.