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Complete Step 9: Valid Initial Retiree List

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Annual Plan Application

A Plan Sponsor must submit a Valid Initial Retiree List to CMS' RDS Center as part of the Application Submission Process. A Valid Initial Retiree List can be submitted to CMS' RDS Center after the following items are complete:

  • Application has been started;
  • Application ID has been assigned in Step 1;
  • Benefit Options have been established in Step 2;
  • Retiree Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Methods and Sources in Step 7 have been selected.

For more information about when a Valid Initial Retiree List is due, refer to Important Application Deadline Information.

For more information about submitting a retiree list, refer to Monthly Retiree List.

When the Valid Initial Retiree List is submitted and the format is validated, the Valid Initial Retiree List Received Date displays in the Details box on the Application Status page. In the Application Submission Process, Step 9 is marked with a green check and the status is marked "Received" to indicate that the Valid Initial Retiree List has been received by CMS' RDS Center.

The status of Step 9 changes to "Verified" when Qualifying Covered Retirees and subsidy periods are verified with the Medicare Beneficiary Database (MBD).

Note: Retiree lists are not processed until the Valid Initial Online Application is submitted. For the retiree list to be processed, the data exchange method and source must match the selections chosen for the Benefit Option in Step 7: Retiree Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Methods and Sources. Retiree lists sent by any other method or source are not processed and a Response File is sent back to the source with the appropriate Reason Code.

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