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Complete Step 2: Benefit Option

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Annual Plan Application

For more information about Benefit Options, refer to Application and Benefit Options Defined.

To access the RDS Secure Website and navigate to the Application List page, review instructions to access the RDS Secure Website.

On the Application List page:

  1. Select an Application ID or select View Application from the Actions dropdown menu and select Go.

On the Application Status page:

  1. Select Step 2: Benefit Option.

On the Benefit Option Summary page:

  1. Select Add a Benefit Option.

     Emphasis [Add a Benefit Option]

On the Add A Benefit Option page:

An * indicates a required field.

  1. *Enter the Benefit Option Name.
  2. *Enter the Unique Benefit Option Identifier (UBOI).

    Note: The Unique Benefit Option Identifier (UBOI) field cannot contain the following characters:

    • Tilde ~
    • Pipe |
    • Backslash \
    • Comma ,
    • Semicolon ;
    • Quotation mark "
  3. *Select the Benefit Option Type.
  4. Select Continue to add the Benefit Option or select Cancel to return to the Benefit Option Summary page.

     Select [Continue]

On the Benefit Option Summary page:

  1. To add another Benefit Option, select Add a Benefit Option and repeat Steps 4 through 7. Select Return to Application Status to go back to the Application Status page.

     Select [Return to Application Status]

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