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Annual Plan Application

To participate in the RDS Program, Plan Sponsors must submit a timely application using the RDS Secure Website for each plan year for which the Plan Sponsor would like to request subsidy. The Account Manager or Authorized Representative may submit an RDS application after the Plan Sponsor Account has been created.

To be considered timely, a Valid Initial Online Application AND a Valid Initial Retiree List must be submitted prior to the expiration of the Application Deadline, which is 90 days before the Plan Year Start Date selected when a new application is started. For more information about the Application Deadline, review Important Application Deadline Information.

Refer to the Apply for the RDS Program section for the information and user roles required to complete an application.

Note: Are you a Plan Sponsor working with a Vendor, or are you a Vendor representative new to the RDS Program? The RDS Welcome Kit offers the following Vendor-related materials:

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