What to Do if Mainframe Costs are Reported After Cost Reporting is Closed in Reconciliation Step 6 and Before Step 12 is Completed

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Mainframe cost reports sent after Reconciliation Step 6: Manage Submission of Final Cost Reports is closed will be rejected by CMS' RDS Center. These cost reports cannot be included in Reconciliation Step 6 because cost reporting is closed.

This cost report will appear in the cost reporting audit trail with a status of "Mainframe: Errors Detected" and a warning message will appear in the Reconciliation Checklist indicating that an additional final cost report was submitted after cost reporting was closed. The cost report status will also change to a status of "Mainframe: Errors Detected".

When a Plan Sponsor sees that additional mainframe costs were reported after cost reporting is closed, the Plan Sponsor should contact the cost reporter to determine why the additional cost report was sent. If the update was sent to correct reported costs, the Plan Sponsor must reopen cost reporting and the cost reporter must send the cost report again.

To allow the Cost Reporter to submit the corrected final cost data, the Plan Sponsor should return to Reconciliation Step 6 and select "Allow Reporting". The status of the Application will be "Reconciliation Cost Reporting Opened". Plan Sponsors should note that Reconciliation Step 7 through Step 11 will be marked "Incomplete" as a result of choosing to allow final cost reporting again, even if they were previously marked "Complete."

If the previously reported costs were accurate, and the additional costs were reported in error, the Plan Sponsor may disregard the "Mainframe: Errors Detected" and proceed with Reconciliation without reopening cost reporting.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact CMS' RDS Center.