Viewing Cost Reports on the RDS Secure Website

Are you unable to see cost reports submitted for your application? There are a number of reasons you may not be able to view them on the RDS Secure Website:

  • If costs were submitted through Mainframe and the cost file had critical errors that prevented it from being processed, the cost reports are not viewable on the RDS Secure Website. For information on critical error conditions, refer to Submit Interim Costs by Mainframe Transmission in the RDS User Guide.

    If a Mainframe cost report was received and had no critical errors, it displays on the RDS Secure Website approximately 24 to 48 hours after it was sent to CMS' RDS Center.

  • If you are a Designee, and a Vendor is submitting cost reports, you may not be attached to the Vendor. When a Designee is not attached to a Vendor, the Designee is considered a Plan Sponsor Designee. Plan Sponsor Designees do not have access to Vendor cost reports. Additionally, a Vendor Designee does not have access to any cost reports reported by the Account Manager, Plan Sponsor Designee, or another Vendor. Designees are attached to Vendors in Payment Setup.

    For information on completing or changing Payment Setup, refer to Payment Setup in the RDS User Guide.

  • If a Vendor submitted a Mainframe cost report and the Plan Sponsor did not set up the Vendor as a Cost Reporter for the application or Unique Benefit Option Identifier (UBOI), the cost report will be rejected. The Plan Sponsor must add the Vendor to the application in Step 4 of Payment Setup and then assign the Vendor to the UBOI using Step 5.

    For guidelines and step-by-step instructions to change Payment Setup, refer to Change Payment Setup in the RDS User Guide.