Resolving RDS Secure Website User Account Issues

Do you need to retrieve your RDS Secure Website Login ID, fix your email address, or enable your user account? Remember that you can resolve these issues using the RDS Secure Website.

  • Request Forgotten Login ID - If you have forgotten your RDS Secure Website Login ID, you can request an email be sent to you containing your Login ID. For instructions, refer to Request Forgotten Login ID in the RDS User Guide.
  • Fix Your Email Address - If CMS' RDS Center detects an issue with your email address, you may be prompted to verify it after submitting information on the RDS Secure Website Login page or Validate Person Information page. This provides you an opportunity to fix your email address if it is invalid. Refer to Verify Email Address in the RDS User Guide for instructions.
  • Additionally, you may update your email address at any time using the Manage User Information link in the RDSSecure Website. Refer to Manage User Information for instructions.
  • Enable Your User Account - If your user account becomes disabled due to inactivity, CMS' RDS Center sends an email containing a link allowing you to enable your account. If you no longer have this email, you can request to re-send it by selecting the Re-send link in the error message that will display if you attempt to log in on the Login page, or when you are trying to complete the Request Forgotten Login ID or Forgot Password processes.

    Refer to Enable Your User Account in the RDS User Guide for more information about maintaining an active account, as well as instructions to enable your account.