RDS Spotlight

This page highlights timely information throughout the application plan year. Monitor this section for important tips and reminders from CMS' RDS Center.

Have you recently sent CMS' RDS Center multiple retiree files for an application and are wondering when Retiree Response Files will be available? It's important to understand that CMS' RDS Center processes an application's retiree files one at a time, and in the order they are received.

Are you unable to see cost reports submitted for your application? There are a number of reasons you may not be able to view them on the RDS Secure Website.

If a Plan Sponsor misses the Application Deadline, it has a couple of options, which can be pursued at the same time.

Have you been in an overpayment situation at Reconciliation for multiple plan years? While some overpayments cannot be avoided, there are a number of common circumstances for which reviewing data carefully throughout the application plan year can help prevent an unnecessary overpayment at Reconciliation.

Do you need to submit documentary evidence for an appeal or disclose incomplete or inaccurate post-Reconciliation or post-final payment data? An RDS Appeals Documentary Evidence/Post-Reconciliation Discrepancy Example is now available.

Are you planning to begin Reconciliation soon? Changing your application's banking information close to your planned start date could delay the process.

Is your Reconciliation Deadline fast approaching? Take advantage of RDS Reconciliation resources to assist you each step of the way.

RDS Secure Website users may now be asked to verify their email address after submitting information on the RDS Secure Website Validate Person Information page or the Login page.

Are you having trouble creating and uploading your retiree lists or understanding your response and notification files? CMS' RDS Center has the tools to help.

The Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Period (October 15 - December 7) can have a  significant impact on your ability to receive subsidy for a covered retiree.

Page last updated: February 17, 2016