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Webinar Recap Article Now Available: Preparing for the Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Period

Were you unable to attend the recent RDS Community Information Group (CIG) webinar on preparing for the Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Period? Review the recap article now.

The webinar covered the following topics to help the RDS community get beneficiaries ready for the 2015 application plan year:

  • Impact of the Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Period on Qualifying Covered Retirees
  • Educating Retirees About Creditable Coverage
  • Establishing Qualifying Covered Retirees Early
  • Monitoring and Managing Qualifying Covered Retirees
  • CMS' RDS Center Hot Topics

To review recap articles for other RDS CIG webinars, visit the Event Highlights page. We encourage you to monitor this website and your email inbox for announcements about upcoming webinars.

If you need more information, contact CMS' RDS Center.