Retiree Processing Change: Expedited Covered Retiree List Availability

CMS' RDS Center is pleased to announce a change in retiree processing that expedites cost reporting and Reconciliation tasks. Previously, Covered Retiree Lists (CRLs) became available for download within two business days from the time of the request. Effective immediately, CRLs are now available for download within approximately 15 minutes from the time of the request. This change facilitates a faster process for communicating the CRL to cost reporters, as well as accelerates completion of Reconciliation Step 4: Finalize Covered Retirees. (For Reconciliation Step 4 to be completed, a CRL must be created after the last Retiree Response File or Weekly Notification File was generated for the application.)

For more information on requesting a CRL, refer to Request a Covered Retiree List in the RDS User Guide.

If you have any questions, please contact CMS' RDS Center.