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The Modernized RDS Secure Website is now LIVE!

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Annual Plan Application

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Interim Payment


The wait is over! The modernized RDS Secure Website was launched on Friday, April 15 and is now LIVE!

Based on extensive plan sponsor feedback and testing, CMS’ RDS Center has simplified the key processes used by the RDS community to participate in the program. Wherever possible we redesigned Secure Website pages to combine, remove, and rename steps to make program processes more efficient and intuitive. These changes were rolled out to the plan sponsor community in a series of events, including webinars of June 23, 2021 and January 14, 2022 and three Teaser Trailer videos about the New Look & Feel, Copy Application feature, and other Updated Features.

To help new and experienced Secure Website users alike transition to these modernized processes, CMS’ RDS Center has refreshed the education materials available on the RDS Program Website: 

  • The RDS User Guide and Common Questions have been thoroughly reviewed and revised to include new information, new screen shots, and updated step-by-step instructions for all processes. 
  • The CMS’ RDS Center created a new resource called Modernization Maps that map the old process steps to the new process steps for the most critical RDS actions: Annual Plan Application, Payment Setup, and Reconciliation. 
  • Additional educational materials will be rolled out in the following months. 

For more information, please refer to the Secure Website Modernization page of the Program Website. If you have questions or comments about the modernized RDS Secure Website, or if you need help using the site, please contact CMS’ RDS Center by email or by submitting a Support Request on the Secure Website. Please remember CMS’ RDS Center is here to help – we look forward to hearing from you! 

Thank you for your continued participation in the RDS Program! 

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