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Submit a Valid Initial Retiree List and Monthly Retiree List

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Retiree Management


This section provides an overview of the following topics related to the Valid Initial Retiree List and the Monthly Retiree List:


It takes CMS' RDS Center approximately five to seven days to process the Valid Initial Retiree List. If more than seven days pass without receiving the Retiree Response File, contact CMS' RDS Center for more information.

Note: CMS' RDS Center sends a response file with applicable reason codes acknowledging that the file received has been processed.

After the Valid Initial Retiree List or a Monthly Retiree List has been successfully uploaded to the RDS Secure Website the list of uploaded retiree files is displayed.

When retiree information has changed, the first Monthly Retiree List should be sent approximately 30 days from the date the Valid Initial Retiree Response File was received and processed.

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Retiree Enrollment Changes

Plan Sponsors should utilize the Monthly Retiree List to add, update, or delete Subsidy Periods as applicable.

If the Plan Sponsor believes the beneficiary is now eligible for the subsidy, send an ADD record to CMS' RDS Center with the Subsidy Period requested.

If the Plan Sponsor's coverage of a Qualifying Covered Retiree (QCR) or their demographic information has changed from what was previously reported, send a UPD record to CMS' RDS Center with the new data.

If the QCR is no longer eligible for the subsidy, send a DEL record to CMS' RDS Center. All coverage for this QCR for this Benefit Option is removed.

CMS’ RDS Center will process multiple records for the same beneficiary within the same retiree file. DEL records will be processed first, followed by ADD and UPD. CMS’ RDS Center will disregard the order that these records appear in the file and will process in the aforementioned order.

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User Roles

The Authorized Representative, Account Manager, and Designee with View/Send/Receive Retiree Data privilege can submit the Valid Initial Retiree List and Monthly Retiree Lists using the RDS Secure Website.

Vendors and Plan Sponsors with pre-existing Connect:Direct connections can submit the Valid Initial Retiree List and Monthly Retiree Lists to CMS' RDS Center.

VDSA partners submitting non-Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) records and Mandatory Insurer Reporting (MIR) participants using the expanded implementation model can submit the Valid Initial Retiree List and Monthly Retiree Lists to CMS' RDS Center.

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Retiree File Layouts and Copybook

The following Retiree File layouts and copybook are available for reference:

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Step-by-Step Instructions

This section contains step-by-step instructions to upload a retiree file using the RDS Secure Website.

To access the RDS Secure Website, and navigate to the Application List page, review instructions to access the RDS Secure Website.

You may choose one of the following methods for accessing the Manage Retirees page:

From the Application List page:

  1. Find the appropriate Application ID.
  2. Select Manage Retirees from the Actions dropdown menu then select Go.

    Select [Manage Retirees]


From the Application Status page:

  1. Go to the Application Maintenance Options section at the bottom of the Application Status page.
  2. Select the Manage Retirees link.

    Select [Manage Retirees]

From the Manage Retirees page:

  1. Select the Upload Retiree File link.
    This link is used to upload both the Valid Initial Retiree List and subsequent Monthly Retiree List.

     Select [Upload Retiree Files]

You may choose one of the following methods to upload a retiree file:

On the Upload Retiree File page:

  1. Provide the full path name of the file you would like to upload or select Browse to find the file on your computer. After you locate the file, double click on the File Name to select it. (This process is similar to attaching a document to an email message.)
  2. Select Continue to start the upload.

    Upload Retiree File

  1. The following message appears at the bottom of the page while the file uploads: "This process may take a while depending on the file size. Do not close your browser."

    The file is reviewed for format, correct transmission method, Application ID, and Unique Benefit Option Identifier (UBOI). If CMS' RDS Center has problems reading the file or the format is incorrect, the Upload Errors page displays. For more information on errors received while uploading a file, refer to Retiree File Upload Errors.

    If the file passes the initial validation and is formatted correctly, the Upload Successful page displays.

  2. Select Continue to return to the Manage Retirees page.

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