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Retiree Management

Use the resources on this page to assist with processing  retiree information.

  • This page contains layouts for the Retiree File RDS Secure Website CSV File Layout, Retiree File Mainframe Record Layout, and Retiree File Submissions Record Layout

  • This page contains layouts for the Weekly Notification Files RDS Secure Website CSV File Layout, Weekly Notification File Connect:Direct Record Layout, and Weekly Notification Record Layout.

  • This page contains information about the Covered Retiree List file layout and file format.

  • This page describes retiree file upload errors.

  • On Mainframe systems, a Copybook contains variable declarations (record layouts).

  • This page contains the following resources: CSV File Layout of Retiree Response Files on the RDS Secure Website, Retiree Response Files Record Layout, Retiree Response Files Connect:Direct Record Layout, and Connect:Direct Retiree Response File Copybook.

  • Reason codes are identification numbers that correspond to a specific message about a record in a response file or a notification file.