Beginning on January 9th, 2022, CMS’ RDS Center will no longer support the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. Please refer to the RDS to Discontinue Support of Internet Explorer in Early 2022 Announcement for details.

Instructions to Access the Reconciliation Checklist

User Roles:




These steps are provided for all registered RDS participants to access the Reconciliation Checklist.

To access the RDS Secure Website, and navigate to the Plan Sponsor List with Application Summary page, review instructions to access the RDS Secure Website.

On the Plan Sponsor List with Application Summary page:

  1. Select a Plan Sponsor ID.

     Select [Plan Sponsor ID]

On the Application List page:

  1. Locate an Application ID or Plan Name and select "Reconciliation" from the corresponding Actions dropdown menu then select Go.

    Note: All columns in the Application List table, with the exception of the Actions column, may be sorted by selecting the up or down Up and down arrows for sorting symbol. Select the up or down Up and down arrows for sorting symbol again to sort in reverse order.

    All columns with the exception of the Actions column contain either a Search field box or a dropdown menu. Enter information to search for in a Search field box for a particular column or choose an item from the dropdown menu. Data within the column matching the criteria displays.

    Select Clear All to reset all Search field boxes to perform another search.

     Select [Actions dropdown], Select [Go]

Note: Only the Authorized Representative, Account Manager, and Designee with the Request Payment privilege have access to Reconciliation in the Actions dropdown menu.

On the Reconciliation Checklist page:

  1. Select a Reconciliation step to proceed.

    Note: Reconciliation steps must be completed in numerical order, but may be viewed in View Only mode at any time.

    Reconciliation Checklist

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