Processing Multiple Retiree Files for an Application

Have you recently sent CMS' RDS Center multiple retiree files for an application and are wondering when Retiree Response Files will be available? It's important to understand that CMS' RDS Center processes an application's retiree files one at a time, and in the order they are received. For example, if a Plan Sponsor submits a retiree file on June 15, 2015 and another file on June 16, 2015, CMS' RDS Center will first process the retiree file received on June 15, which will take approximately 5 – 7 business days before a Retiree Response File is created. Once processing is complete on the June 15 file, CMS' RDS Center will begin processing the file received on June 16.

Once processing is complete, the Account Manager and Designee with the View/Send/Receive Retiree Data privilege will receive an email indicating that a Retiree Response File is available for download on the RDS Secure Website if this is the Plan Sponsor's selected Retiree Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Method for the application.

Note: CMS' RDS Center does not process a retiree file and sends a Retiree Response File with the appropriate reason for rejection in the following scenarios:

  • The Application Status is marked "Denied," "Deleted," "Withdrawn," "Reconsideration Requested," "Reopening Requested," "Appeal Under Review."
  • Reconciliation Step 4: Finalized Covered Retirees is marked "Complete."
  • The Reconciliation Deadline has passed for the application.
  • The file is submitted using the wrong source or method.