Having issues uploading a retiree file?

CMS' RDS Center offers a number of tips for resolving errors when uploading a retiree file on the RDS Secure Website.

1) If you are receiving an error that your file name contains invalid characters, attempt to upload the file using a different Web browser. If the issue persists, send an email to RDS@cms.hhs.gov and include the following information:

  • A screenshot of the error you are receiving
  • The date and time you attempted to upload a file
  • The name of the Web browser and version you were using

2) If you are receiving the error "Invalid number of attributes provided in record. Expected 13, Received ____" visit Common Question 7000-5 for steps to take to resolve the issue.

3) For information on resolving a number of other errors you may encounter when uploading a retiree file, refer to Retiree File Upload Errors in the RDS User Guide.

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