Introduction to RDS Secure Website User Roles

User Roles:





As a registered user of the RDS Secure Website, it’s important that you maintain the correct user roles, privileges, and access at all times to prevent delays in tasks being completed. Use this tool to learn about RDS user roles and maintenance, and find out where you fit into the various RDS Program components.

RDS Secure Website tasks are completed by key individuals who act on the Plan Sponsor’s behalf. RDS user roles are granted specific tasks and privileges in the RDS system. The RDS Secure Website user roles include: Account Manager, Authorized Representative, Actuary, and Designee.

You may refer to the user role icons to help you locate information that is applicable to your specific role:

The following information describes the RDS Secure Website user roles.

Account Manager AM

A Plan Sponsor must have an active user in the Account Manager (AM) role at all times to be able to participate in the RDS Program. The AM registers the Plan Sponsor in the RDS Program and invites the Authorized Representative to the RDS Program.

The AM initiates and manages the Plan Sponsor's annual application by beginning the application and completing its tasks. The AM manages the reporting of retiree data, cost data, payment requests, Reconciliation, and assigns, manages, and reassigns other users within the Plan Sponsor's account to complete those tasks. The AM receives critical communications from the RDS Program such as Application Deadline reminders, Reconciliation Deadline reminders, and payment information.

Authorized Representative AR

A Plan Sponsor must have an active user in the Authorized Representative (AR) role at all times to be able to participate in the RDS Program. The AR is a user chosen by the Plan Sponsor that is deemed to have sufficient authority to be legally responsible for the terms of the Plan Sponsor Agreement and the Reconciliation Agreement. The AR takes responsibility for these agreements by signing them electronically during the Application Submission and Reconciliation processes.

The AR may also begin an application, complete many steps of the application (except attest the application), request payments, complete certain steps of Reconciliation, and assign or manage RDS Secure Website user roles as necessary. The AR typically delegates these duties to the AM or a Designee and is not actively involved in the RDS Program other than verifying the work of other users. The AR is the only individual associated with the application that can submit the Valid Initial Online Application and the final Reconciliation payment request.

Actuary AC

A Plan Sponsor must have an active user in the Actuary role during the annual Application Submission Process. The Actuary must be a member in good standing with the American Academy of Actuaries. The Actuary attests the actuarial equivalence of the Benefit Option(s) in the annual application. Plan Sponsors may assign one or more Actuaries to attest to multiple Benefit Options.

Designee D

The role of the Designee is optional. A Designee may assist with completing many RDS Secure Website tasks based upon privileges assigned by the AM or the AR.