Events Calendar

Listed below are:

  1. Events scheduled to inform Plan Sponsors about the RDS Program.
  2. If you have questions during the days specified, please utilize the RDS Program Website, including the RDS User Guide, Common Questions, and Resource Library.
  3. Dates when the RDS Secure Website is planned to be unavailable due to maintenance.
2022 Events Calendar
Date Event
Friday, January 14 The New RDS Secure Website Launch Webinar
Thursday, April 7 The RDS Secure Website Modernization Launch Webinar Re-Watch Party
Friday, April 15 Modernized RDS Secure Website Goes Live
Monday, May 30 CMS' RDS Center Closed
Monday, June 20 CMS' RDS Center Closed
Monday, July 4 CMS' RDS Center Closed
Monday, September 5 CMS' RDS Center Closed
Thursday, November 24 CMS' RDS Center Closed
Monday, December 26 CMS' RDS Center Closed
Page last updated: April 05, 2022