Retiree Response and Weekly Notification File Emails

CMS' RDS Center recently experienced an issue with the "Retiree Response File Available" and "Weekly Notification File Available" emails. This issue is with the emails themselves, not the availability of response and notification files. If you were expecting a retiree response and/or weekly notification file in the last week and have not yet received an email alerting you that the file is available, please log in to the RDS Secure Website to check on the file’s availability. If your organization utilizes a Vendor for retiree processing, retiree response and weekly notification files continue to be sent via Connect:Direct.

Retiree Response Files and Weekly Notification Files may be downloaded from the Manage Retirees page for a specific application. Refer to Process Retiree Response Files and Process Weekly Notification Files in the RDS User Guide for step-by-step instructions.

For more information, contact CMS' RDS Center.