Now Available: New RDS Secure Website Functionality and Communications

On November 11, 2015, CMS' RDS Center announced upcoming changes to the RDS Secure Website and in the communications process when making payments. The following changes have now been implemented:

  • The RDS Secure Website prevents submission of an interim payment request during the final 60 days before the Reconciliation Deadline. Plan Sponsors cannot initiate Reconciliation while a payment request is in process. CMS' RDS Center currently recommends stopping interim payments in the final 60 days before the Reconciliation Deadline to allow the Plan Sponsor time to complete the Reconciliation process. An error message now displays on the Build Interim Payment Request page in the RDS Secure Website that prevents a Plan Sponsor from submitting an interim payment request during the final 60 calendar days before the Reconciliation Deadline.
  • The RDS Secure Website prevents completion of Reconciliation Step 7 if the reported Gross Eligible costs exceed the total maximum Gross Eligible amount possible for the application based on the number of retirees contributing to the Threshold Reduction. RDS Secure Website users now receive an error message on the Step 7: Review Final Costs page if this issue is detected and directed to information to help resolve the issue. For information and instructions on resolving this issue, refer to Cost Reporting Example Illustrating Gross Eligible Costs Exceeding Maximum Possible Gross Eligible in the RDS User Guide.
  • CMS' RDS Center has improved the efficiency of the appeals process. Plan Sponsors may now request a reopening using the RDS Secure Website, rather than by submitting a hard copy request. Additionally, the RDS Secure Website now allows Plan Sponsors to upload supporting documentation for an appeal. For more information, refer to Appeal an Initial Determination in the RDS User Guide.
  • Plan Sponsors receive an email if there is an issue with the Account Manager's or Authorized Representative's user account at the time CMS' RDS Center attempts to make payment. If an issue is detected (for example, if the Account Manager's or the Authorized Representative's user account is disabled), the payment request is placed on hold, and the Plan Sponsor receives an email explaining how to resolve the user account issue(s) so that the payment request may resume processing.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact CMS' RDS Center.