Maintain Active User Accounts to Receive Payment

CMS' RDS Center will not make payments to a Plan Sponsor if the Authorized Representative or Account Manager has an inactive RDS Secure Website user account. If either the Authorized Representative's or Account Manager's account is inactive, the payment will be placed on hold; if no action is taken to re-activate the account, the payment request may be cancelled.

Review the following information to learn the reasons why a user account may become inactive and how to resolve the issues to ensure payment is not delayed:

  1. User's email address is invalid. CMS' RDS Center periodically sends email notices. If an email repeatedly bounces back, the account can become flagged as inactive.

    It is critical that all system users keep their information up-to-date. If CMS' RDS Center detects an issue with your email address, you may be asked to verify it after submitting information on the RDS Secure Website Validate Person Information page or the Login page. If your account is also locked due to failed Password attempts, you will receive an error message on the Login page instructing you to select either the Forgot Login ID or Forgot Password link. You will then be directed to the Validate Person Information page to verify your information and then validate your email address.

    For instructions to validate your email address, refer to Verify Email Address in the RDS User Guide. You can also update your email address any time by using the Manage User Information link in the RDS Secure Website. For instructions, refer to Manage User Information.

  2. User's account has been disabled due to inactivity. Federal Security Regulations require that a user log into CMS' RDS Secure Website at least every 180 days to maintain an active account. If you do not log into the RDS Secure Website at least every 180 days, your user account will become disabled.

    CMS' RDS Center sends a warning email when a user account is about to be disabled. Use that email as a reminder to log in. If you do not log in and your account becomes disabled, CMS' RDS Center sends an "RDS Secure Website User Account Disabled" email containing a link to begin the process to enable the account. For complete instructions to enable a user account, refer to Enable Your User Account in the RDS User Guide.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact CMS' RDS Center.