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MFA Reset Technical Article

Activating and maintaining Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your RDS Secure Website user account is critical to ensuring your Plan Sponsor meets its Application and Reconciliation Deadlines and experiences all the benefits of participating in the RDS Program.

Individuals are responsible for maintaining and protecting their RDS Secure Website account access. Updated Federal security policies require that each RDS Secure Website account must activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) prior to accessing the RDS Secure Website. Users must enter their Login ID, Password, and MFA token to access the Secure Website.

MFA may only be configured on one device at a time, such as a smart phone or tablet. If you have a new device that you need to sync to the RDS Secure Website, or your current MFA is no longer working, you’ll need to reset MFA. For detailed guidance on how to reset MFA, refer to the link below that is associated with the type of device you are using.

You may also refer to the illustrated step-by-step instructions in the MFA User Guide section or the MFA Reset Quick Start Guide.

Included in the Technical Article are the following topics:

IMPORTANT: Please note that the exact steps and icons displayed on your device may vary depending on the version of the phone or version of Google Authenticator you are using. Please refer to the online instructions associated with your exact device as needed.

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