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Application Submission Reminder: New Copy Feature Available

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Annual Plan Application

CMS’ RDS Center would like to remind RDS users that with the release of the modernized Secure Website (SWS) in April 2022, a new Copy Application feature is now available. The Copy Application feature is available on the Dashboard page in the Actions dropdown list next to each approved application. Use this enhancement to create a new application by copying information from an existing prior application.

A copied application retains all of the original application's Benefit Options, Actuary assignments, and Banking Information, but allows the Plan Sponsor the flexibility to modify any application information that may be changing for the new Plan Year prior to final submission.

Payment Setup is not copied forward when utilizing the Copy Application feature. Payment Setup is not required for Application Submission – it does not become available for the Plan Sponsor to complete until after the Application is approved.

Refer to Application Submission: Create Application in the RDS User Guide for additional information and step-by-step instructions.

As an additional reminder, CMS’ RDS Center no longer supports the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. Whenever you access the Secure Website, use the most recent, updated version that is available for your chosen browser to navigate the website and enjoy the full functionality of the new design.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact CMS’ RDS Center.

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