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CMS' RDS Center will be performing system maintenance on the RDS Secure Website on Friday, April 19, 2024 beginning at 9:00PM ET and concluding Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 10:00AM ET. The Secure Website will be available, but file processing will be impacted. Refer to this Announcement for details.

Application Submission Reminder: Initial Retiree Lists

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Annual Plan Application

Retiree Management

CMS’ RDS Center would like to remind RDS Secure Website (SWS) users that for an Application to be considered timely, a Plan Sponsor must submit a Valid Initial Retiree List to CMS' RDS Center prior to the expiration of the Application Deadline, and that Retiree List must contain at least one Qualified Covered Retiree. Initial Retiree Lists are processed by CMS' RDS Center after the Application is submitted by the Authorized Representative. 

When the Valid Initial Retiree List is submitted and the format is validated, the Initial Retiree List Received Date displays on the Application Overview page. It can take several days after a successful file transfer for the application to show that the Valid Initial Retiree List is complete.

For the Retiree List to be processed, the Retiree Submission Method and all Unique Benefit Option Identifier (UBOI) values included in the file must match the selections chosen by the Plan Sponsor during Application Submission: Benefit Options. Retiree lists with errors will result in a Response File sent to the source with the appropriate Reason Code for each rejected record.

For more information about when a Valid Initial Retiree List is due, refer to Important Application Deadline Information. For more information about submitting the Retiree List, refer to Submit a Valid Initial Retiree List and Monthly Retiree List. For a sample retiree file, refer to the Sample Retiree File Spreadsheet. For support on common user issues, refer to our Common Questions.

As an additional reminder, CMS’ RDS Center no longer supports the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. Whenever you access the Secure Website, use the most recent, updated version that is available for your chosen browser to navigate the website and enjoy the full functionality of the new design.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact CMS’ RDS Center.

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