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Updated RDS User Guide Now Available

The RDS User Guide has been restructured to streamline your experience in locating the information you need to complete your program tasks. The RDS User Guide now:

  • Provides one comprehensive resource. The RDS User Guide, Reconciliation User Guide, and How To pages have been combined to help you find information quickly and easily.
  • Offers a more personalized experience through program component and user role icons. User Guide sections now include program component and user role icons to assist you in locating information that is applicable to your specific role and where you are in the RDS Program Lifecycle. Refer to the following icons to help you navigate information:


    Program Component Icons

    • User Management icon User Management
    • Annual Plan Application icon Annual Plan Application
    • Retiree Management icon Retiree Management
    • Payment Setup icon Payment Setup
    • Interim Payments icon Interim Payment
    • Reconciliation icon Reconciliation

    User Role Icons

    AM Account Manager

    AR Authorized Representative

    AC Actuary

    D Designee

    If you have questions or need additional information, contact CMS' RDS Center.

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