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RDS Welcome Kit Now Available

CMS' RDS Center is pleased to announce the release of an RDS Welcome Kit to help new Account Managers, Authorized Representatives, Actuaries, and Designees become acquainted with the RDS Program and their role-specific tasks.

The RDS Welcome Kit offers:

  • A list of Top 5 Things to Know that compiles important information to always keep in mind while participating in the RDS Program.
  • A User Roles Support Tool to help new users understand how their role fits into the various components of the RDS Program.
  • Role-based Quick Start Guides to direct new users to the information that will help them get started on their tasks.

New Account Managers, Authorized Representatives, Actuaries, and Designees will now receive a link to the RDS Welcome Kit through an email when they are approved for their roles after they have completed registration in the RDS Secure Website. Additionally, the RDS Welcome Kit is accessible to all RDS Program participants through both the Resource Library section and the "Get the RDS Welcome Kit" link located in the right sidebar panel on this website.

If you need additional information, contact CMS' RDS Center.

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