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Resource Library

The Resource Library contains links to user guides, technical articles, and web-based trainings to assist the Plan Sponsor community in participating in the RDS Program. Select an item to review each set of resources.

  • Agreements

    This page contains links to the various agreements between RDS Secure Website users and CMS' RDS Center.

  • Forms

    This page contains a quick reference to the RDS Appeals Sample Supporting Documentary Evidence Cover Sheet.

  • Glossary

    This page contains a glossary of terms associated with the RDS Program.

  • RDS TV

    RDS TV is an on-demand library of training videos designed to walk users through various topics in the RDS Secure Website.

  • RDS User Guide

    The RDS User Guide provides comprehensive, detailed information about participating in the RDS Program. Get overview information and step-by-step instructions for key program areas and more.

  • Sample Retiree File Spreadsheet

    The Sample Retiree File Spreadsheet assists Plan Sponsors and Vendors with creating and uploading retiree files to CMS' RDS Center on the RDS Secure Website.

  • Secure Website Modernization

    The Secure Website Modernization page is a library of information that offers support and reference materials to RDS Secure Website users for the new design of the RDS Secure Website.

  • Technical Articles

    This page contains links to technical articles that provide expert insight on important program topics.

  • Quick Start Guides

    The RDS Quick Start Guides page is a library of one-page process diagrams illustrating how to complete various tasks within the RDS Secure Website. New guides will be added periodically and users will be notified when they are available.

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