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Submitting Accurate Data to RDS

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In 2020, CMS’ RDS Center made an enhancement to the RDS Secure Website that automatically set the payment frequency for all current, active, and future RDS applications to the maximum frequency of monthly interim payments. The Interim Monthly Payment Frequency allows Plan Sponsors to make a maximum of 12 interim payment requests for a plan year, in addition to the final payment request at Reconciliation. 

If a Plan Sponsor decides to submit interim payment requests, it must adhere to all terms and conditions specified in the Interim Payment Agreement. Per this agreement, the Plan Sponsor must submit “true, accurate, and complete” data to substantiate each payment request. This includes the Plan Sponsor’s retiree population submitted on the Valid Initial Retiree List and Monthly Retiree List and the Interim Costs incurred by those retirees submitted as cost reports. 

Please do not wait until Reconciliation to make sure your data is accurate. Submit “true, accurate, and complete” retiree lists and cost reports throughout the plan year, whenever your Plan Sponsor makes an interim payment request. 

For more information about submitting accurate data to CMS’ RDS Center, refer to the following RDS User Guide topics: 

If you need more information, contact CMS' RDS Center

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