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New Technical Article: Timing of User Role Reassignments

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CMS’ RDS Center would like to remind the Plan Sponsor community that Account Manager (AM) and Authorized Representative (AR) reassignments do not take effect immediately. Please complete all reassignments well ahead of Application and Reconciliation deadlines to ensure smooth transition. 

A newly appointed AM or AR can be granted access to the RDS Secure Website (SWS) on the same day that the role reassignment is performed. However, that person will not have access to the Plan Sponsor account itself, or any associated applications, until after the termination date of the previous AM/AR has passed. This means the new user cannot view or modify any information for that Plan Sponsor until at least the next day.

CMS’ RDS Center has published a new Technical Article, Reassigning the Authorized Representative (AR) and Account Manager (AM) Roles. This article contains critical information to keep in mind when changing your Plan Sponsor representatives. 

When reassigning these roles, please remember:

  • New AMs & ARs cannot access the Plan Sponsor account on the same day the role is reassigned. 
  • Registration for a user account does not guarantee same day access.
  • Termination Dates cannot be in the past.
  • Reassigning a Designee or Actuary to an AM or AR role takes multiple days to complete.
  • The AR role has critical functions that only they can perform.
  • CMS’ RDS Center does not have a Call Center.

These major concepts are explained in detail in the new Reassigning the Authorized Representative (AR) and Account Manager (AM) Roles Technical Article. Please review this material and plan ahead for your Application and Reconciliation Deadlines. Failure to do so may result in a missed deadline and possible loss of subsidy! 

CMS’ RDS Center 's official means of communication to the Plan Sponsor is through email. Take the necessary steps to ensure that emails sent from the email address are not moved, deleted, blocked by any spam filters, or Blocked Senders List.

This information has been added to all relevant pages of the RDS User Guide for your convenience. Refer to Reassign the Account Manager and Authorized Representative Roles for more information.

Thank you for your continued participation in the RDS Program! For additional support, please contact CMS’ RDS Center

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